Monday, March 24, 2008

One day

With hangman stoops being brought out for charges of racism on account of Obama's pastor I was really disheartened to find possibly the only rational, straightforward and visibly passionate statements to be made on the campaign trail so far were from Pastor Wright. Even worse is that the political climate finds Obama being forced to distance himself from such statements on the possibility it will alienate the patriotically white vote that conflates the notion of a guilty conscience with treason.
I'm only going to include the portions included by the press as to highlight the ridiculousness of the harangue.

Some wikiresearch into the Pastor finds him indulging in some conspiratorial nonsense like AIDS being a secrect government project, but those other statements, for the most part, are fairly right on, and I think would advance talk about government and race instead of dumbing it down.
That Obama recontextualized some of the outrage as old school heatstrokes harkening back to the civil rights movement like dissonant moments of clarity in a bout of alzheimers was also kind of sad. But I suppose holding it down with a cool set of undivisive words instead of bypassing your audience's ribcage and making juice out of its heart is what you need to move on up. May the floodgates open if he makes it past the nomination, the election and the inaugural address.

Anyways, here's to a different kind of level-headed analysis from a street level hustler not apt to get caught up in sensational electoral sweeps, and still gully enough to call Obama the lesser of two evils in light of third party neutralization.

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