Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorry, couldn't come in today, I was having a dream

A (possibly) illuminating (as in blindingly white) anecdote in light of the anniversary of the Reverend's assassination:
This dates back to something my pops relayed to me on Martin Luther King day. My parents are in the dessert catering business and my father rode out on deliveries. I'm not sure if it was in light of a mix up of some kind or it was just to make sure the details were secure on a particular invoice, but he calls the head chef at one of the kitchens he's delivering to and one of his underlings picks up. The person who picks up is Carlos, whom my father points out is black as ash (which is kind of grey isn't it?), and he informs my dad that the head chef isn't in. My father inquires as to whether he's sick. As it turns out, he is not, he just took the day off saying it was Martin Luther King Day. Now, the head chef is the only one who didn't show up to work that day. More importantly, he's the only one on his staff who is white.