Thursday, November 1, 2007

Go Girl

Yeah, I know next to nothing about pitbull and just heard the second song here minutes ago. High school years spent idly decrying Miami's lack of hipster quotients measured in brooklyn quartz were misspent missing the glamor of banging beats on these shores. I should have crawled in my backpack and lobbed myself in a trashcan for totally missing out on the ultra-sexualized dialogue of Trina and Trick's Nann. So yes, in the liberated libertarian socialist society labor rights are restored as a heirarchical system is replaced by a cooperative framework, but how do people deal with each other if they can only speak frankly in political terms? Obviously, manuevering the bedroom, or the particulars of whatever public space made private, is up to each person individually, but open dialogue which doesn't reduce the acts to clinical terms and gender paradigms is probably productive as well, no?
Well, anyways, thanks for this one T 'n' T.

Now, I only heard this moments ago. It doesn't aspire to the lofty heights of Nann's sexual deconstruction, but damn if it doesn't move backends like coke rap moves bricks. Unfortunately Trina is damn near cut off during the end, which makes her O-Ren to Pitbull's Beatrix, but the dancefloor sure sounds like a climactic showdown and it's awesome.