Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hey, No One is a great song

Okay, follow-up on that insane Alicia Keys review in the Voice. I have no idea what Greg Tate is going through but I still don't understand how the new Alicia Keys album could have the same impact as Public Enemy when they first shot out of the cannon. Six tracks in I was confused. Why, in 2007, is a female singing about how much she needs a man? Over and over again? 2-0-0-7 = past even a man needs a woman, there is no gender binary! Motherfucking Angela Davis shot holes in the gender binary back in the 60's, kablow sexism! Then she has a song called Superwoman which I guess has the same sentiment as the Kanye line about trading it in as a spouse or whatnot, but then in the chorus is the equivalent of "something in your blouse, got me so aroused," they're not the superwomen, Alicia Keys is! And to emphasize that everytime she says a chorus chimes in saying "she's a superwoman!" wtf?! But that single she has right now, where she goes oh oh ah oh oh, I love that. Maybe I just didn't get to the part of the album where she gets rid of a whole bunch of guys for being stank and sorry. That's what I was expecting!