Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Blackwater, there were six of us but now we are five..."

Why is it that when a scandal like the Blackwater hooplah breaks out it's always in an uproar over one isolated incident that may or may not raise a larger question about the legitimacy of the entire operation and not a systematic problem whose most recent send-up of humanity is only a reiteration of the nihilistic mockery that came before it (see: Iran-Contra)? To their credit, and not to go fringe-lauding by saying only the radical press had anything about this back when it could have been stopped early, the New York Times already covered this in 2004! Sure, it was relegated to the editorial section, but the upshot is the art of persuasion (yet the author (a Mother Jones contributor, no less!) does end on a sympathetic tone to the private-sector almost in spite of the information he laid out beforehand...):
"Need An Army? Just Pick Up The Phone"
It does bring up an important point, though, that Blackwater recycles soldiers from previous dictatorships (oh, U.S. sponsored! ;D) and when they get down to business they've gotten down to it before.
And to move even further away from fringe-lauding while using the fringe for the purpose of lauding, Newsweek broke out a story about the Pentagon considering Iraqi guns for hire and calling it the "Salvador Option" in January 2005 that's probably going to go unmentioned in the most recent breakdown. Here it is going mentioned in Democracy Now (links and all) in an interview with Allan Nairn, who broke the story on the original Salvadoran Death Squads:
Is the U.S. Organizing Salvador-Style Death Squads in Iraq?
On the note of Salvador-Style Death Squads, please go here!
School of the Americas Watch
And if this blog ever gets read, we (you, possible readers and I) can carpool up to the protest vigil on November 15-18 and prove "Solitarity" wrong!