Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm killing kids."

Reconsidering a long stasis born out of disillusionment of the neutralized persuasion (hyping is hard) I dug through videos I posted on facebook before I realized it wasn't a blog and the only thing it had in common with one is that aside from compromising photos, they both go virtually unviewed. At least in my case because I'm a shitty hype man. Self-deprecating invitations to hate just won't cut it!
So down at the bottom was this old Bill Hicks video. When I first heard him I could only kind of see what the reverence was about because the radical politics were buried underneath a miasma of self-righteous loathing, which is probably the cumulative effect of playing a sex-deprived lefty to faceless, unresponsive crowds in the deep south.
This video, though, cuts right to why endless panel reconfigurations on Bill Maher are just clearing out the room for lame punchlines and ironic non-discussions in Vice are only distractions from the final black hole they're seeking to be swallowed up in. Unfortunately, I don't know if Bill Hicks would have been a good panelist as in interviews he gave before his death he was generally withholding and less firebrand than on stage. But for some reason this is still an issue, and if only for two minutes he could come back and at no given time just drop a fire in the hole like this one next time there's a serious non-discussion about decorative technical aspects on whether or not gays should be allowed in the military, or someone has to invariably belt out a disclaimer in which they assure the audience that they support the troops before making a genuine criticism, that would be great.