Saturday, October 6, 2007

Subpeona for Maroon 5

Can someone tell me why Maroon 5 aren't up on capitol hill defending misogynistic posturing in rock music, or in their case white filtered funk-lite/boys with instruments doing time as boy band replacement music? Has anyone seen this video?

All the deplorable amoral rap video cliches are on full display, if not distorted and made far more bizarre. Owning a woman by shooting her lovers on the side despite later appearances bumping uglies with a bevy of equally scant-clothed females, random acts of criminal violence, and macho posturing on behalf of patriarchal (buzz word!) cool. Wtf? (p.s. I don't know why, but my mom loves this song and made no objections to the video, also wtf?)
Why does David Banner have to go up to capitol hill and risk imploding lungs on behalf of rap, along with Michael Eric Dyson and Master P?
Though Master P was mostly likely there on behalf of a business proposition and his soundscans, offering to clean up his language. He may have apologized to women for using the b-word but now expects them to do their part and help fund his next appearance on a reality show publicly indexing lavish displays of celebrity wealth.
David Banner on the other hand is legit. You don't get a Visionary Award by the National Black Caucus of the State Legislature for post-Katrina aid work by merely going on tv and saying something about it (though that's entirely welcome, too).
Basically he went up to D.C. and brought to life what he had already eloquently penned here:
Michael Eric Dyson is legit, too.
Here's him pulling apart Bill Maher's mug-plenty punchlines as replacement for serious political discourse, also on behalf of hip-hop. Unfortunately he cites Common as a positive counter-point to misogyny in hip hop when way back when it was Common doing the "got more hoes than Spellman" bit. That's a cap-off though, the rest is wonderful!